Good Website Inspector

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How to Use

How to use?

  1. In Firefox please activate the status bar (View->Status Bar)
  2. Enter the url of the page to check into the address bar and press return
  3. Wait while loading! (The word „Done“ should be displayed in the status bar at bottom of Firefox)
  4. Please click onto the word YSLOW in your status bar
    YSLOW Activation
  5. Please change the YSLOW ruleset to [GWI] Live Website to test a already given website or choose [GWI] Template to test a (local) HTML template
    Choose ruleset
  6. Press the button "Run Test" (if it not starts automaticly)
    Run Test
  7. Read the rules

Tips & Tricks / Hints

  • You should deactivate the browser cache to prevent failed analyses
  • The scores of front pages are often more worse than entry or article pages
  • You should only compare the same site types eg. article site from domain a with article site from domain b to get a valid result
  • To receive an overall score from the whole site you should test all possible page types like front page, entry detail, category overview and calculate the average score.
  • If you are unsure of the given result of a page please try a hard reload (Strg+F5 / Cmd+Shift+R) of the page and apply the ruleset again
  • Pages should ever tested with full included components like ads or external widgets or services to get a valid result.
  • Please also check the ruleset "Small Site or Blog" from YSLOW to receive additional performance related optimization hints
  • You can print or save the result of the rules by pressing the button Printable View!


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